How do guests check in?

How do guests check in?

Our stuffs help you with check in and explain room. Our all of guests no need to feel stress.

Sure, we can manage your rooms. You can only wait report from us after started.

→Please use revenue calculate. Enter your room place and how many bedroom then, you can know that.

→Yes. We are a fully licensed Holiday Homes operator in Dubai. We follow all recent regulations, according to the DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing).

→Yes. Tenants can list their home with BUT THEY NEED THE No Objection Certificate with applicable documentation from the homeowner. This states that the homeowner agrees to the subletting of the property through Airbnb.

→Absolutely. Our property management team will be in touch with you and they will explain you, how it will work?

→Before check-in and after check-out of each guest, the home is carefully inspected. If something damaged, we handle all aspects and correct the situation. Airbnb offers a Host Guarantee that protects hosts worldwide if damage occurs during an Airbnb occupancy. We will also implement our own policies, such as guest deposits to mitigate this risk. (Please get in touch for more details)

→Marhba Homes will list the property on booking website like: Airbnb and We ensure that each listing is consistently generating income. If the owner wants to stay in the property, our holiday management system works around your schedule to make sure that your home is always clean and ready for you when required.